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PPC advertising helps you get found by your target audience online

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Rasmus does PPC for the ambitious

PPC for the ambitious

As a Google Ads agency, we help ambitious companies optimize their advertising - from fast-growing online shops to international companies.

Despite the diversity of our customer portfolio, one thing is common to every collaboration we enter into: focused advice and tailored solutions that match each company's reality, values and vision.

All our customers want to be visible where their customers are. We help companies make their ads visible to the right target groups and on the search terms that are relevant to their business, products and services.

So if you want to increase your exposures and achieve a high return of investment (ROI) on your ads, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Targeted Google Ads strategies

Strategy and branding are the cornerstones of Amplify, and we are dedicated to delivering strategic insights and performance that drive results for your business.


Google Ads can be an important tool for performance - and together with SEO, we create targeted strategies that take into account your target audience and their search patterns.


This is how we ensure not only visibility in paid search results and the Google search network, but also relevant traffic that converts.

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What is PPC?

PPC - or Pay Per Click - is a form of digital marketing where you only pay per clicked ad. In other words, you don't pay for users to see your ads or links, but for them to click on them.

In this way, PPC differs from CPM (Cost Per Mille), where you pay per thousand impressions. The CPM model is used in Facebook advertising, which we also work with at Amplify.

Most people are familiar with PPC advertising in the context of the keyword ads you see in Google search results - also known as Google Ads (formerly Adwords).

It is also one of the most common forms of PPC, although Microsoft's search engine Bing also has a small share of the keyword advertising market.

However, PPC is an umbrella term that includes display advertising, remarketing, YouTube advertising and Google Shopping in addition to keyword advertising.

In short, PPC gives you access to many different platforms and audiences.

How does PPC work?

When a user clicks on your ads, they are directed to your website or webshop - and that's the action you pay for.

That's why it's important that your ads provide a return on your investment. In other words, your PPC ads must provide a positive ROI (Return On Investment).

For the same reason, you should take a look at your products and services - are they high or low margin? For example, if the profit margin is high, it will often be easier to make your PPC advertising profitable.

However, your ROI also depends on the click-through rate, which in turn depends on several factors - including where you advertise, products/services and keywords.

For example, the click price will be high on the ads that appear when a user searches a generic keyword with hundreds of monthly searches.

You can compare PPC advertising to an auction. The more people bid on a particular type of advertising, the higher the price will be.

However, just because you've bid the highest doesn't mean you're guaranteed exposures and clicks.

Google always tries to provide its users with the best and most relevant results, so your exposure also depends on the landing page (the subpage on your website relevant to the ad) that the ad links to.

For example, Google will down-prioritize your ad if it links to a slow landing page with irrelevant content.

Successful PPC advertising doesn't just depend on the size of your budget.

Amplify specialists take a look at PPC campaigns

Are we a match for you?

Of course we want as many customers as possible - but not at any cost. Because not everyone is a match for Amplify.

But is your company thinking long-term and do you understand that one-off hourly tasks are not a shortcut to success - neither in Google search results nor in relation to your business goals?

Then Amplify might be your next agency.

We help customers who want to take their marketing strategy to new heights.

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How we work with PPC

PPC is a huge area of online marketing that can be difficult to grasp and understand.

That's why we have our own PPC specialists who know which parameters to adjust to make your campaigns successful.

At Amplify, for example, we do split tests where we test different ads to ensure the most clicks possible.

We also work with bid adjustments based on demographics, geography, devices, interests and time.

In other words, we take all possible parameters into account when working with PPC advertising.

This ensures that your advertising always meets your customers' needs and that you get the most conversions at the best price.

We work with multiple ad formats

As a full-service agency, we work across paid platforms and formats - including:

This means that we can always adapt our PPC advertising to your specific target group and goals.

Our PPC department also works closely with our SEO and web departments.

For example, in our SEO department, our copywriters work on writing well-written and relevant content with value for the user, while our web department works on speed optimization and design to make your website user-friendly.

This all helps to ensure that your potential customers always land on a welcoming landing page - and that your advertising therefore drives relevant traffic that converts into paying customers.

Get more inquiries with PPC advertising

Do you want more traffic to your website or webshop? And do you want to convert that traffic into paying customers?

At Amplify, we target PPC advertising to ensure you don't just get clicks - but the right clicks. Clicks that convert your visitors into customers.

Contact Amplify today and let's talk about your options with Pay-Per-Click advertising.

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