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Amplify history

It all started in an apartment in Nørrebro in 2015...

Here was Nicolai, thoroughly dissatisfied with the status quo of online marketing in Denmark.

That's why he decided to start Amplify (then called Webamp) - a digital playground with room for learning and the courage to be wrong. A company where learning is more important than execution. A company that would rather question processes than blindly follow them. An agency that sets out to deliver the best possible solutions - and does so.

So Nicolai set out on a mission to challenge an entire industry - armed to the teeth with one obsession: to provide a sublime customer experience and create transparency in a world that to many seems abstract and distant.

Eventually, the troops were gathered

The one-man army grew quickly and today the company is a real business that no longer thinks month to month.

The modest surroundings in Nørrebro have been replaced with a 400 square meter space right by Copenhagen Central Station, where Nicolais and his colleagues create results for Amplify's customers through strategy and branding.

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