A full-service digital marketing agency that drives results through strategy and branding

Marketing results?
The right agency makes the difference

Amplify is a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to delivering strategic insights and performance that drives results for your business.

We act as your external marketing department and contribute on both strategic and executional levels.

We are your strategic partner in branding and performance-based marketing and communication.

Tools and tools

As a digital marketing agency, our digital toolbox includes search engine optimization, paid advertising, web development, content and video - everything you need to ensure your company's online visibility.


As a full-service digital marketing agency, we always focus on strategy and branding that gets results.

Let's Amplify

Over the years, we've worked with a wide range of ambitious companies. Is your business next?

We work to deliver strategic insight and performance that not only meets your business's current needs - but also sets a clear course towards future goals.

As your strategic partner in branding and performance-based marketing and communication, we help you navigate and amplify your presence in the complex digital landscape.

We specialize in combining strategic understanding with sharp performance - all to ensure that you not only get seen, but also make an impression.

Let's Amplify!

Right time, right place

Would you advertise sunscreen in Denmark in December? Would you pull out all the stops to sell New Year's greenery in the height of summer? Or would you bet on selling lawnmowers if the DMI predicted double-digit freezing temperatures for the next two months?

Probably not...

And that really sums up why we don't bet blindly on all horses at once.

Why we might increase paid advertising and decrease SEO for Black Friday, when you want customers with glowing credit cards in the here and now. Why we focus on SEO when you want stable traffic throughout the year - regardless of season. And why we focus on social media when we need to define a need your potential target audience might not know they have.

In short, we always deploy the right man, at the right time and in the right place - always based on insight into your business. That's how we ensure results for your business.

So say goodbye to messy thinking - and hello to strategic, brand-oriented and performance-based marketing, where you use muscle and money where it makes sense.

Want to work with a full-service digital marketing agency?

Our customers are not just customers - they are partners. Because setting the right course requires an understanding of your company's vision and reality.

Want to work with a digital marketing agency that puts your results first?

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From Webamp to Amplify

In May 2024 we changed our name to Amplify - CEO Nicolai Vittrup explains why. 

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