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Website development and design

Is it time to give your old website an overhaul - or do you dream of a brand new website? Amplify develops and designs unique websites that convert your visitors into customers. When you choose Amplify to develop and design your new website, there are no assembly line or package deals. Every website we create is customized and tailored to the individual customer - and not least their target audience and current best practices in the web world.

We are a performance-driven SEO agency

Web design for the ambitious

As an agency with all-round knowledge and experience in website design and development, we have helped many ambitious companies create an appealing platform that sets them apart from their competitors in the industry.

Despite the diversity of our customer portfolio, there is one thing that runs through every web collaboration we do: Customized web solutions that match your company's reality, values and vision.

Although our customers are very different, they all share a common desire: They want a modern web solution that visually and functionally represents their business while converting visitors into satisfied customers.

If your company has a website or webshop, you probably have the same wish. As a web agency, Amplify can be your company's most important asset in the battle for customer attention.

A selection of satisfied partners

Meet some of our current partners and learn more about what it's like to be an Amplify customer.

360° web solutions

Amplify is a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to delivering strategic insights and performance that drive results for your business - and digital solutions that stand out from the crowd are one of our key tools. 

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Over the years, we've worked with a wide range of ambitious companies. Is your business next?

Get a new website designed

Your business needs to have a presence on the world wide web. This is where modern surfers look for services and products they need AND search for specific companies they want to know more about.

At Amplify, we develop and design websites that meet the high standards of our time. Get a new website that guides the user from A to B, increases your conversion rate and acts as your business' digital business card.

Find out more now - write to us at info@amplify.dk or call us on tel. +45 70 60 50 28.

We are an omnichannel SEO company

Free digital marketing knowledge

Want to learn more about how we can help you? In Amplify Academy you get free knowledge to boost your business digitally.

Why is an "updated" website important?

An updated, functional and beautiful website is an investment in your business growth. This may sound like a drastic statement - but it's not just hot air. There are currently over 3.9 billion internet users in the world and over 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day.

If your business doesn't have a website that shines through, you could find it very difficult to compete with other companies in your industry.

With a modern website you can:

  • Increase the conversion rate of your visitors
  • Ensure the site is optimized based on your customers' buying patterns and online behavior
  • Easily and conveniently share important and valuable information with your target audience
  • Enable your potential customers to contact you quickly

Responsive design for both smartphones and tablets

At Amplify, we create websites with a responsive web design. This means that when we develop your website, we make sure that it works on all screen sizes - on computers, tablets and smartphones.

With more and more people accessing the web on the go, responsive design is a must in this day and age. 

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How we create your new website

When you choose Amplify to develop and design your new website, there are no assembly line or packaged solutions. Every website we create is customized and tailored to the individual customer - and not least their target audience and current best practices in the web world.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want a conversion-friendly website or webshop.

You can read much more about what this actually means in the following. 

Design that matches your business identity

The design of a website should portray who you are as a business - and speak to your core audience. Different types of people respond differently to different types of layouts and aesthetic choices. That's why we always have an in-depth design meeting with you before we start our work.

We have created websites for among others. Collectia, Health Group, TrustCulture, Food Family, Finansrådgiverne and many more. Want your company to be our next happy website customer?

Specialized advice

When you choose a website solution with us, we advise you on the features that are trending in your industry. We listen to you to get the visual expression you want - and advise you on which features make sense for you in relation to the market, your business and your competitors. market, your business and your competitors that make sense to set up for you.

A modern website needs to be fast and efficient. Users have become so accustomed to fast pages that if they have to wait several seconds for a page to load, they'll move on to the competition. That's why we make a virtue of optimizing your website for speed and performance.

Read what our customers say.

Get a webshop solution

We have extensive experience in building and designing webshops for everything from clothing stores, lifestyle companies, wine & spirits shops to bike shops. 

We have extensive experience in building and designing webshops for everything from clothing stores, lifestyle companies, wine & spirits shops to bike shops. If you need a new webshop built, you can read more about our solutions on our webshop page.

An easy-to-use content management system (CMS)

We build all our websites in WordPress, one of the world's most recognized CMS (content management systems). As many as 31% of all websites are built on a WordPress platform. With WordPress as your CMS, once your new website is live, you can navigate the control panel easily and painlessly.

Get even smarter

Want tips and tricks for your marketing? Our specialists share their own advice in our Amplify Academy knowledge universe - and it's free.

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Prices for website development and design

The price of a new website starts at DKK 20,000. However, there is a wide variation in website prices. It depends on how simple a design you want the site to have and how advanced features you want.

It can also vary depending on how much content you need to transfer from your old website to your new one.

We take all of this together in a dialog when we discuss your wishes and needs.

Write to us in the contact form or send us an email at info@amplify.dk to share your web visions. You can also call us on tel. +45 70 60 50 28.  

Digital advertising, SEO and professional texts

Your website can be beautiful and fast. But without visitors and relevant content, it loses its raison d'être.

That's why we also offer SEO and digital advertising(PPC) options that can drive relevant traffic to your website. We also have our own content department, where our copywriters are ready to write catchy, search engine friendly and targeted content for your website.

This ensures a well-visited website with fresh, relevant and well-written texts.

Should we work together?

At Amplify, you will be met by an experienced team of specialists who together master all necessary marketing efforts. Together, we empower your company to take action where it creates results.

Our team includes strategists with a sharp focus on data, technical specialists with an understanding of your website's structure, tracking specialists with knowledge of setting up and tracking key metrics, and copywriters who deliver user- and search engine-friendly content for your website.

By combining technical optimization with strategy and targeted tracking, we ensure that your digital strategy targets the goals that are important to your business.

Do you need professional help with search engine optimization - and do you want to work with an SEO agency that is data-driven, strategic and results-oriented?

So don't hesitate to contact Amplify today to learn more about how we can make your website visible in an increasingly digital world. 

Let's Amplify!

Our specialists reviewing an SEO strategy

Should we work together?

Our web department consists of an experienced team of web developers and designers with knowledge of digital trends. At Amplify, you get specialized advice and tailored web solutions that are sure to make your business shine in your industry.

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